Not restarting server on change


Glitch isn’t restarting the server on change for a node project of mine, tested on two devices and reloaded page many times. Still saves my work, just won’t restart the server so I can’t see changes. Not sure if just my project or everything…

EDIT seems to just be one project, this one
Thanks and I love glitch!


Your project appears to be private so I can’t look at it, but sometimes making a superficial change to the package.json file can kickstart things if it’s gotten stuck, like add then remove a comma somewhere.


Hey Gareth! Thanks for the response. Just made it public so you can take a look. package.json looks alright, used a validation site and it looks OK. I forked it and it didn’t restart there either, so it must be something with the code. Everything was working fine before and it still works, just won’t update. Weird because it isn’t spitting back any errors to me either… Thanks!


Ahh, such a simple fix! Took me long enough to figure it out, but all I had to do was type refresh into the console. I think it was a glitch in Glitch because refresh resets the backend apparently, not 100% sure though. Thanks anyways and glad I could get it working again! Glitch is still the best platform for making anything!!