Not sure if its a `Glitch` or am doing somethig wrong

Took the hello world example, and changed it so that the probot copys my comment and posts it back
on a pull request. The issue is that it keeps commenting infinitly that is why i commented out that return statment. New to probots and glitch, bear we me.

module.exports = (app) => {
app.on('issue_comment.created', async context => {
    const params = context.issue({body: context.payload.comment.body});
    // Post a comment on the issue
    //return context.github.issues.createComment(params);

The event you’re using is on comment creation and in it you’re creating a new comment, so this will create an infinite loop. Try using a different event type.

ahaha i do not know why i dint see this, i feel dumb :sweat_smile:, thank you!