Now your folders act like folders!

Exciting news: your files and folders are now displayed in a handy, collapsible filetree.

We’ve been test-driving this for the Community site for the past few weeks, and it’s grrrrreat! It’s already made a huge difference in how we work on Glitch.

Collapsible Filetree

To create a file in a folder: Click on the New File button and separate the file name with a forward slash to designate the folder - like public/my-awesome-file.js. You can also now rename and delete folders directly, which will affect all the files within them, instead of renaming all your files one-by-one.

Happy collapsing!

– Sheridan and Edwin


I was really looking forward to this feature, and it is finally released!
Thanks Glitch for constant support and implementing nice features.’

Furthermore, I’d really like to see auto-completion feature implemented. More of an IDE-type editor.
Here’s a demo for auto-completion: Click Here!

Thanks again :heart:!


This feature will allow us in the UK Government to explore Glitch properly, thank you. :slight_smile:

A piece of feedback on accessibility for this new feature, you can use your keyboard to tab to different files which is great but the options for each file and folder is not possible to access via keyboard.


Yay! Finally I can change folder names <3


I think using the Monaco editor would be great. It’s the base editor of VS Code and it has code completion and more! Also, it supports multiple languages.

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[Everyone liked that]

Yes! Thank you! This will make file managing so much cleaner! :smiley:

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  • Ability to drag items into folders
  • Ability to duplicate folders
  • Ability to UPLOAD FILES to the project editor

[McDonalds Theme song] DuDuDu Du Du Im lovin’ it!

Great Feature!

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