NPM coffeescript package v99.999.99999

The glitch “add package” button tries to get you to install coffeescript version 99.999.99999, which has been deprecated.

Apparently, the package owner used to use this package to point users to the “coffee-script” package, but later decided to actually use “coffeescript” for the package name.

Is it possible to have glitch ignore deprecated versions of packages? (Even if they have bigger version numbers.)

The work-around is to manually enter a proper version like “2.3.2” in package.json. However, this might be confusing to new users and the notification about version “99.999.99999” of coffee-script in the “add package” button is annoying.

Hey Leftium, thanks for catching that! We’ll take a look!

Hey @Leftium, thanks again for the report.

Glitch uses the API for package and release information, and it looks like they don’t handle deprecated version well. For example for coffeescript:{IAMGROOT}

  name: "coffeescript",
  platform: "NPM",
  description: "Unfancy JavaScript",
  latest_release_published_at: "2014-03-02T06:54:14.228Z",
  latest_release_number: "99.999.99999",
  language: "CoffeeScript",
  status: null,
  package_manager_url: "",
  latest_stable_release: {
    id: 1328504,
    project_id: 275002,
    number: "99.999.99999",
    published_at: "2014-03-02T06:54:14.228Z",
    created_at: "2015-01-30T09:10:55.253Z",
    updated_at: "2015-01-30T09:10:55.253Z",
    runtime_dependencies_count: 0
  latest_download_url: "",
  latest_stable_release_number: "99.999.99999",

It also looks like they might have an open bug about this issue:

At this point we don’t have any plans to change package management APIs, so we’ll have to wait until fixes this issue.