NPM Packages on Glitch

I found out today that NPM packages on Glitch are not up to date, for example a package quick.db is currently in version 7.0.0-b22, but Glitch only has version 6.3.2.
This is rather frustrating as I cannot use new features in the packages. Can I know how to solve this, or is this a Glitch-side problem?

You are quite right that installing from package.json shows 6.3.2 version of quick.db.

However latest version can be installed by going to your project console and doing pnpm i quick.db.
Here are results after doing that =>

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@LuciferianThomas another, Glitch-ier way to approach this is to update your package.json file with the version you want. By default that will trigger a new install and upgrade your quick.db package.