Nuxt.js pnpm Issue?

I have my nuxtjs project here at

By default since pnpm in used as the package installer the app won’t run showing some packages not found error.

But at the same time, If I remove the node_modules folder and install with npm it tends to work.

Any one know the cause of this issue and also a possible solution to it ??

Hey @Froosty we’ve been digging into this a little bit recently - apparently Nuxt.js is incompatible with pnpm < 3.x, we think because of Unfortunately pnpm 3 is incompatible with pnpm 2.x, which is what Glitch uses, and the migration path from 2 -> 3 isn’t a simple one for us. We’d like to make the jump, but I don’t have a timeline for when we might get to it.

npm will work fine, but that means that your packages consume project space, so Nuxt.js projects on Glitch must be fairly small.

Sorry for the bother!