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Hey I’m sorry for the dumb question I’m new to all this stuff. How would you add a second command to the bot?

Hi! You can copy the code block with .hears. There is an example here:

Hope that’s helpful, lemme know if you have any other questions!

@melissa How do I let the bot use ambient?

@Swiftammer422 have you tried pancake. Very forward.

What’s pancake? I need this to be 20 characters to post so I’m adding extra words

In your .hears method, the second parameter allows you to set the context of when a handler is executed.
discordBot.hears('noodles', 'ambient', (bot, message) => bot.reply('pho noodles!'));

If you want your hears to support across different contexts, just use an array like such: [‘ambient’, ‘direct_message’]

So whenever the bot hears noodles in any message within a thread it’s in, it will respond with pho noodles!

too bad people dont know how to eris

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eris is good and botkit is just discordjs dumbed down to the point it makes you look like you add spaces before marks

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Hi everyone, I made some changes based on some feedback from some folks at discord.js

I may make an eris version in the future, it sounds very interesting.

Also here’s an example of usage of ambient!/honk-honk?path=skills/hears.js:14:8

I was thinking about recreating the botkit for eris.

I’ve been trying to work out how to use the Conversations feature of Botkit in this example - either I get no responses or I crash the application.

Anyone have a working, minimal example of asking a question and acting on the response using Conversations (rather than doing all the parsing myself)?

Interesting question, I don’t see any references to it in the BotKit Discord code:

You might want to file an issue there. If I have time I’ll try to make it work myself but my instinct is that I might have to contrib code to botkit-discord to make it work.

It’s in the “Advanced Usage” section of the readme for Botkit-Discord, for example convo.AddQuestion and convo.say are both parts of the conversations API in Botkit.

bot.createConversation(message, (err, convo) => {
				convo.addQuestion('How would rate that from a scale of 0 to 5?', (response, convo) => {
					const numberRating = response.text.match(/[0-5]/g);
					if (numberRating.length < 1) {
						convo.say('Uhh... not a valid rating, try again later!');;
					convo.say('Oh wow! Thanks for letting me know!');, numberRating[0]);;

Hey, how can i activate my bot without saying @botnamehere?

If you set up the .hears() function adding “ambient” to the list it will respond anytime it hears the keywords - codingbyhim posted an example above on Sep 19