Official PHP support

As of this writing, Glitch only supports one backend language, NodeJS. Javascript is great, but a lot of people use other backend languages, one of them being PHP.

While a lot of people might argue that it wouldn’t be worth adding PHP support, PHP still has a lot of users. Right now on Glitch, a lot of people try to use unofficial PHP projects like lamp-poc or php-poc, but these projects are very buggy and make people frustrated. While projects like hello-httpd fix some problems, they don’t solve them all.

Maintaining PHP projects and upgrading PHP would be a great thing and would be very beneficial.

Hi! Just wondering, what would PHP support look like, to you? First class support for Composer etc. instead of NPM, when a project is PHP?

I’m curious about how you envision it :slight_smile:


This feature idea was for this post by @RedGuy12 . There is a lamp-poc project, however, it isn’t functioning correctly. There is usually a PID error which prevents lamp-poc from starting without running the refresh command. I’ve experienced this error before many times and it can be annoying. There is composer on glitch (pastedown uses it) and it works fine.

PHP support would be:

  1. Keep composer up to date (glitch uses 1, current is 2)
  2. Keep PHP up to date (glitch uses 7.0.3 which is EOL)
  3. Fix security issues and bugs with Apache2
  4. Make an official Nginx project