Official TypeScript support

Personally, I think Glitch is the best web-based editor to create cool apps on the go, collaborate, live share. While JavaScript is the native language that Glitch supports to interact with Node, I would also request for official TypeScript support. I’m fully aware that there are better IDEs which must be preferred in the case. But although, Glitch gives us the capability to create live web apps, focused on a lot of easiness and customization, that’s greatly appreciated.

There’s also plenty of hacky workarounds to use TypeScript with Glitch, but it’s just really unreliable to highlight the editor, with no intellisense and types, which is one of the reasons to prefer writing TypeScript. To enhance the experience and make all the other TypeScripters happy, I’d gladly ask for the feature request!

I swear this is a lot better than this

I’m gonna remove that vote!

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