Old hyperdev project gone


I had a little project on HyperDev written last summer, but cannot find it now and cannot remember its name. I was signed in to HyperDev with the same Github account, is there a way to find it?



If you can share your GitHub login we can look and see if there are any deleted projects associated with your account and restore them, thanks! :slight_smile:


This is my Github profile:


do you need anything else?

Many thanks!


I’ve found two old projects, spot-twister and harvest-lantern. We’ll need to do a manual import from our old backup format, maybe Monday or Tuesday.


The one I’m interested in is spot-twister! Thank you very much!


I restored the project at rain-tortellini. I emailed you a join link.


Hi Glitch team,
I had been using hyperdev a bunch in the beginning and created some projects I refer to every once in a while (and even some during the awkward Gomix time)
but now in Glitch the projects aren’t showing up, maybe some were deleted and need to be restored?
my github

would be much appreciated as I had a lot of little projects and now only a few show up in Glitch


Edit if you need some project names to try and find but aren’t working now
and I think there are others


I dug up the source code from the old projects, and emailed you a link. Let me know if you need anything else.


thank you very much! i appreciate the individual support

is it just that old/inactive projects get archived at Glitch? or was it because these were from the hyperdev days and didn’t survive a migration


It’s the second one. For about six months after replacing the old backend, we had import code in place that would pull your projects into the new architecture automatically when they were visited. Recently we made a change to our disk volume code, and we had a choice between doing a bunch of work to keep the import working or just removing it, so we did that. That means any project that hasn’t been visited since sometime around December has to be manually pulled out of the backups.