One module is no longer supported and I can not uninstall it


Error: Cannot find module ‘snekfetch’

the module is no longer supported

but I cannot uninstall it
I removed it on package.json but again it says me cannot find module. Please remove it administrators.
npm uninstall is not working needed root perm.


Hey @muro886 I think you’ll be able to get past this if you run enable-pnpm in the console of your project. I think what’s happened is that something else caused an issue with your project’s package installation, which aborted before it was done. snekfetch just happens to be the first module that your bot encounters that can’t be found.

You can’t remove snekfetch because (at least the last time I checked) discord.js requires it, even though it’s no longer supported.


If your still going to use snekfetch, use snek-fetch.

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