One of my files randomly disappeared and is now gitignored?

While making a logs folder for my website, the folder randomly disappeared. I can still access it in the console, but it’s otherwise gone. When trying to create the folder and file again, I get an alert in the top right of the page telling me,

This file already exists but is currently hidden by .gitignore. You can view it in the console or by removing from .gitignore and refreshing the editor.

but after looking in the console and trying to remove or edit the .gitignore, I don’t see one at all. Any help would be appreciated!

You can “ungitignore it” like so. Create a file called .gitignore and add the following (this is assuming your file is called hello.txt)

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would i just put the .gitignore file in the base directory of my app or in the folder where the file is

Base directory.


Make sure to run refresh in the terminal after that so that the project gets refreshed and the changes are reflected on the editor.