One of my projects doesn't load


The editor is stuck on fetching project but the app works fine. All my other projects work fine. The project name is aclipse.


Hi Blake,

sorry for the inconvenience! The project should be accessible now.

Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:


Sorry but it still doesn’t seem to be working. Is there anything i could do on my end?


Sorry about that. To help us look into the issue further, can you send the content of your chrome console when you’re trying to load the project. Thanks.


I use firefox if that makes a difference.

OT socket error socket initialization failed: failed to read content from document file: open /app/data/points/000329.log: no such file or directory

Unhandled promise rejection undefined linters.min.js:1:260670


Thanks for that. It should be fixed up shortly, a fix is just deploying.


Hi @BlakeIsMyWaifu,

after a few attempts I was able to push a fix that seems to work for me, do you confirm? :slight_smile: