One of my projects refusing to load

My most recent project is not loading anymore for some reason. Title is smol. It worked fine yesterday, the rest of my projects seem fine and I tested multiple browsers. The code loads in the editor, but trying to preview it just results in the page endlessly loading until I get a “Request timed out” error.

Also, the JS file that makes those neat stars on the error page is logging the number of stars generated! I thought it was an error code at first :smiley:

Hey @extrachrisb, welcome to the Gitch forum!

I’m seeing some babel-related errors in your logs which lead me to believe that you’ve got a mismatch between what you’re using in your code and what you’re specifying in your package.json file.

Specifically, in a Remiz of your project if I replaced the line at!/smol?path=package.json:29:0 with "@babel/preset-env":"^7.4.5",, webpack ran successfully and as far as I can tell everything was working.

Can you give that a try and let us know how you get on?

You’re right, somehow I had the babel-preset-env for version 6 installed instead of @babel/preset-env for version 7. Super strange, I hadn’t touched that configuration since I set it up, and I don’t remember updating any packages, or anything at all for that matter since it was last working. But apps don’t break themselves, so I’m not sure what I did. Thanks for your help, I’ll make sure to always check the logs!

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