One of the Glitch IPs is banned by Discord


It seems like one of the IPs Glitch runs on has been blacklisted by Discord since approx. 20:30 UTC. Anyone else getting this?

(node:710) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: DiscordHTTPError: 403 Forbidden on GET /api/v7/gateway

I made a request to with my token and it returns a Cloudflare page saying the IP is banned. But I made the same request in another Glitch space and it seems fine. Remixing the affected space doesn’t work.

There's a reason the IP is hidden, click to reveal, which seems to be an Amazon IP.

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DiscordAPIError (Discord banned Glitch IPs?)

Glitch doesn’t use a fixed IP range, so it’s more like that it’s an Amazon IP which has been banned that Glitch happened to be using at the time. This also means there’s nothing we can do about it directly, but it will just be a temporary issue as the IP address your project uses will change if it hasn’t already.

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This was from a Discord staff member:


Yes. It looks like some IP addresses may have been banned recently, due to problematic bots. Unfortunately this can impact other bots which weren’t doing anything incorrect. If you let us know the name of the projects then we can review and move those like that for you.