Ongoing work on the Glitch forums


Hey folks!

By way of a belated introduction, I’m cori schlegel, the new Lead Support Engineer at Glitch. I’m here to make sure everyone can create in Glitch with the least possible difficulty and the fewest barriers and to help facilitate communication between the Glitch team and you, our community of creators!

As you’ve probably noticed I’m taking a very active hand here in the forums to make them work as smoothly as possible. Most of the changes have been pretty small so far, but we’re going to continue to make improvements wherever we can. Impending changes include some category reorganization that will be taking place over the next few days and that will include our moving some topics between categories - the overall goal is to make sure that we get the most and most appropriate people looking at various topics, and if you think I’ve made a mistake in moving your topic then please just let me know. In fact I’m happy to hear about any mistakes you think we’ve made (which doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll agree :slight_smile: ).

Going forward you can expect to see continued proactive work to make sure the forums are as useful, helpful, and friendly for the most people using Glitch, and everything I do here will be focussed on that goal.

Happy Glitching!

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