Online but doesnt work

So i have a problem discord sais it is online but none of the commands work.
Can someone help me pls.
What do i have to do?
Its online in discord but none of its commands work why?

Try to see if you have defined the commands correctly it may be the case of the prefix or something else

so but like they worked but then one day they stoped working

I don’t understand your answer :thinking:

the bot worked earlier but now doesnt work

are there any errors in the log

Put bot.on('ready', () => {console.log('ready')}); before your bot.login , then restart the bot and see if it shows up in the console when the bot starts.

Sorry for the return of the message it is the wrong person

can you tell us whats your project name so i can look closer? Alternatively can you show us your message handler?

my name in glitch is @manfredix but the project is math-bot-dis

your bots project is private can you send me an invitation link or send me the command handler you use?

how can i send a invite?

To send an invitation to someone you must send them this link, but be careful to send it in a private message


If you can, send the invite or the code you are using.
Just mentioning it does't work, is not significant information for us to work on.
Please mention more detail next time.

And please mark this as Discord help so discord support can help you.

[This link has been removed - to prevent unauthorized access to your project, please do not post Invite links publicly in the forum or anywhere else online. Instead, you can send the link privately to individuals who you are requesting help from.]

Instead of posting the link you can just private message me or someone else the invite link

Post it to support, not any random person that whats to steel your code.
By the way, if you are using
client.login('your token here'), i recommend changing that to fetching the token from the env file, so if it is public, you still won’t leak your bot token

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Ok thank you for all of your help it was relly helpful.
I got it fixed :smile:

Alright! No problem! Just contact the support if you need help again! :smile: