‎onlinux - online linux terminal

Project URL: https://onlinux.glitch.me
Remix and run your own Linux terminal (make it private too!)

Added a feature - download this file https://cdn.glitch.com/6edec945-f240-41dd-ba9a-89768b025c48%2Flinux.bat?v=1602453298743 and enter the name of your remix and i think it should work from commandline!

Does this actually work

yes - doesnt accept inputs tho. accepts every linux command currently on the glitch console

How does it work?

Probably using PHP’s exec function.

I looked around the code and I did not see any PHP (or ajax loading) - which is why I asked the question

I’m lovin it


Ajax would make this a lot neater.

seems as tho someone decicded to pull the good ol’ remove all of the code off of the face of the earthjhhhip

Lol - why would this happen though?

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probably the php going crazy when it needs to print out an editor

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Hm -

McDonalds :smiley:


I sense off topic…