Only dictionaries may be used in a ModelType

I am trying to send embed. Its just a simple library I am making.

Sending messages without embed works fine, but when I try to send embed it gives me this error status: 400, text: '{"embed": ["Only dictionaries may be used in a ModelType"]}', method: 'POST', path: '/api/v6/channels/652153703599570958/messages'

this is my code

        title: "test"



        let req = + `channels/${channel_id}/messages`)

        .set("Authorization", TOKEN)

        .set("User-Agent", this.useragent)

        .set("Content-Type", "application/json")

        for(let k of Object.keys(message)){

            let v = message[k];

            if(typeof v === "object") v = JSON.stringify(v);

            req.field(k, v);


        req.end((err, res) => {

            if(err) return reject(err);





I am using superagent to make the request.