Only having asset thumbnails makes it hard to find my spacer.gif

Remember the old web? We used spacer gifs. I put one in my assets folder, but it is very hard to find, since as best I can tell, it doesn’t let me view anything but thumbnails of what I uploaded. A thumbnail of a transparent 1 pixel gif with no title underneath isn’t very helpful in locating that image.

Perhaps I could recommend either a list view, or a view in assets where the title of the assets are listed below the asset itself. Or maybe Glitch could just include a spacer gif at like… and then I don’t even have to upload my own.

(I still think a list view of assets would be handy to have!)


there’s a hack you can do in the meantime, if you rename your file spacer@2x.gif it’ll display a little @2x tag in the assets view. You can use this to find your gif.

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