Open source? (i.e. Can the remixer be remixed?)


Can the remixer be remixed? That is, will it be released with a free/open source software license? Otherwise it would create a strong dependency, and I’d be reluctant to recommend it.


Do you mean the code editor? If so, how do you depend on it? Only, there’s no lock-in to Gomix in terms of your code - we don’t have any special libraries, so your code can be taken and used elsewhere and it should just work. You’re able to download your code as a zip or export it to GitHub.


So you mean it will not be open-sourced, I understand?


I’m not sure what you mean by a dependency. What is it that your code won’t be able to do if you take it out of Gomix?


I think @s-a-m is asking if Gomix itself will be released open source.


No, we don’t have plans to open-source the platform.


Why not? 20 characters limit so smart


This response is from December 2016. We’ve since changed our plans, which you can read about here:


TLDR are you going 100% open source?


No. The community site is open source, and the infrastructure code is not.