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OpenRadio is a system where the admin can create multiple radio stations for users to listen into by inputing youtube urls(defintley going to expand). Everyone listening to hte radio station should be at approximatley the same time as everyone else(last test resulted in 1 to 3 second difference). It comes with a nice admin panel that you can configure the password in. It’s also open-source on github(I wouldn’t call it openradio if it wasn’t) at
You can create a new project from github and configure these values in .env and your OpenRadio instance should be setup. Feel free to delete coding playlist and testing playlist. Make sure to set these values in .env

You don’t need to set MADE_WITH but PASSWORD is the admin password and SECRET is your secret for session cookies. There’s also a whole lot more config in config.js
There are a few annoying bugs and issues which I have described in my latest release:

The system is designed to use infinite mp3 streams so you can have your devices stream https://yourglitchurl/stream/(stream name here)
I use this technique for my google home and my amazon alexa. You can also setup discord bots to stream from it by copying a bit of code from discordjs’s documentation.


I think I got inspiration when Ben or Electric Reality on discord sent a idea for a service that gives you music streams. Using python this wasn’t really possible but with nodejs streams and rate-limiting this was made possible!


Control click play button to show audio element

pretty proud of this screen


This is very customizable as all the templates are in one directory I think. There is also a template that “wraps” on top of the other templates which includes the topbar.


can I please help you make it

oh wait this is the gallery you already finished

This project has been inactive for a week so it might be better if you fork the repo and make a pull request when you are done

Note: This project uses infinite mp3 streams so you can possibly link smart home devices to it.

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Bump since I edited a lot of stuff

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New Update:
Added butterchurn visualizations, activate by typing: “milkdrop”
Fixed a small bug
Github Release:


Did a little stability test it seems fine even if you use it for a long time

It wasn’t abuse of service since I actually used it for programming music.

OpenRadio is now accepting playlist requests to add in my personal discord server

and yes I’ll probaly make a websockets/ endpoint
I added bulk import which you might have guessed

Great job! i might make the next Spotify


Good luck on that one :joy: Have fun :wink:


bad news either someone’s abused the project by leaving it on too long or someone has ddosed youtube on the same server, I’m getting 429.
There have been a lot of bugs that have sprung up in the last month see

I’m making quality of life improvements starting today, let me know if you have any color palettes you’d like added in
I will post screenshots here shortly


umm I guess I should try another color palette after I finish stuff

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can you please add this:

Well, you could remix it and add it yourself.

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OpenRadio has a csv playlist format if you have a really long youtube playlist you can add it like this

Name, youtubeurl/id
Name 2, youtubeurl/id
and so on
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I thought there was a dashboard?

yeah you import them through the bulk import part of the admin panel.
You can also add just one song. If you want me to add a playlist to frill-corn I pefer you use the above format
Most of the quality of life improvements will be on the admin. On a further note the admin panel is not meant to be used with multiple tabs/people on the same playlist since it can cause issues like deleting/moving the wrong song
By the way, this has always existed but if you type “milkdrop” or use the new extras link you can start up butterchurn which is some epic visualization for music based on milkdrop from winamp.

I’m worried about the glitch formatter it just did something odd

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