Openradio on Glitch!

Project URL:

Yes, You’re not dreaming. Now you can Create your own radio station on glitch :^)

Remix the code: Glitch :・゚✧


Thanks for sharing this! I’d love to feature it in the future - can you add a Readme with documentation on how someone can set this up for themselves?


Well request accepted, gotta will made README for it :wink:

Maybe this ok?

Openradio Demo

This is your first http radio station project in glitch!

Here is what you should do:

  1. Remix this project
  2. Put your songs into Music Directory
  3. Restart the server
  4. Enjoy!

Hey guys. Just want to let you know, There’s a new changes at Openradio v1.1.8:

  1. Added argument on core

  2. Fixed known Bugs: A mystery spider will scare you when you didn’t provide bitrate argument on core :o Yes, It’s Gone! You can use core without bitrate argument, anymore!

  3. <player>.destroy is now changed as <player>.stream.destroy

  4. <player>.end is now changed as

That’s it to need to know. Have a nice day with your broadcast :^)

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