Optimization of the project size


I’m about to finish the project, but now It’s 128 mb
I saw that sometimes it possible to get the size smaller using something like delete unnecessary packeges and so on
What would you recommend to smaller the size of project?


Hi @EliasGreen,

I remixed your project and saw that your .git directory is 50MB! That’s really large. If you are not concerned about losing your git history, I would suggest you to remove the .git directory (from the Terminal: rm -rf .git). Otherwise you can use git to prune the project history to take less space.


It worked!
Thanks a lot!!!


I’ve found that

git gc
git prune

in the Glitch console seems to reclaim lots of space without losing any git history.


I was just thinking about this yesterday. I’ll make sure that happens automatically on a regular basis.