Option to disable sync at every keystroke

Syncing the project with the main server at every keystroke makes vs code sluggish, cpu usage high and my laptop fans go crazy.

Could do with an option to sync only on save file.

Closely related to this: Make the project only restart on save.

Tried both proposed solutions there and nothing worked. Probably because in my case I’m only working on html and css files so it’s not exactly about “restarting” or rebuilding the project.

Hey @dalmo3 thanks for the report. We haven’t seen many folks have problems with this, so it might be helpful for us to be able to review your VS Code logs to see if something else is up - you can see how to generate and supply thoise to us in Crashes using VS Code extension.

As I noted in the post you linked to I don’t think we’re likely to change this behavior across the board, but we are actively thinking about some concerns around live editing that might have an impact on this behavior, but I don’t know when we’re likely to implement anything from those conversations.

Sorry for the bother!

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Cool. I tried to send the logs by email but the attachment was rejected multiple times.

I’ve made a few tests disabling other extensions, but no success. Usually VS code starts alright but sooner or later it gets really slow… then I restart and the cycle goes on.

Hey @dalmo3 thanks. We do actually receive those emails - Discourse just isn’t very friendly about it when things go wrong. So we have your logs; thanks for sending them along!