Ordering files in the project



Hello, ive been using glitch for arround a year at this point and i must say its awsome :D, tho there is 1 thing im still not 100% sure about. Can i order the files as i want or are they forced to remain in that alfabetical order? Please let me know asap, my projects are starting to get bigger and messier

Cheers :smiley:


Hey there @ItsJustpk, I’ve moved this request to Feature Ideas. I’ve seen requests for other changes to the file list but not this specific one, so be sure to upvote your own idea!


:smiley: oh, ok :D, i guess its still not a feature then :P.


Haha, sorry! No, it’s not presently a feature of the file list.


oh, well nvm then, It would be a nice feature tho, it would make projects much tidier and nicer to look at :D. hope it gets added :P.