Out of disk space and keeps reconnecting

I’m running out of disk space and I tried to uninstall a few
node modules. But everytime I do, my project reconnects and doesn’t make any changes. I’ve tried rewinding to the last time I installed a package but it won’t load

Did you tried git prune and git gc?

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I actually am having the same issue on only 1 of my projects today. I’ve tried making changes from mobile and PC, on different networks. While on the PC, I could see from developer tools that it wasn’t connecting to the websocket, and actually returned a 502 Bad Gateway error, so that is more than likely the issue here. It doesn’t seem to affect all projects though

Edit: Remixing the project has the same effect


When a project gets close to the disk space limit, there may not be enough room to make changes to the project. This means that you may not be able to delete files or run git commands.

To get help with this, please contact Glitch Support. We can give you some extra disk space temporarily so that you have room to run the git commands or make other changes to decrease the amount of disk space that your project is using.