Out of disk space and unable to remove dependencies


I am getting the

ERROR: Your project is out of disk space (used 128 out of 128 MB).

message so I tried removing some dev dependencies by editing package.json
What can I do?
It just creates another temp file when try to do that.

Note, I was trying to remove the test packages (chai, enzyme, mocha etc) as I am not needing these anymore.

Link to project


You can try and free up space in your project. ‘git gc’ and ‘git prune’ can help reclaim some space, and if you are not concerned about losing your git history, you can remove the .git directory using ‘rm -rf .git’. All from the console, available under advanced options from the top-left project info menu in the editor. After which, run ‘refresh’ and try making your package edits again.


git gc returned a "fatal error"
git prune didn’t complain.
rm -rf .git worked (I believe that saved 18mb)
How about getting rid of packages?
Should I do npm uninstall from the terminal instead of editing package json?

Note: du . -sbh says 80M now (after editing package json to remove some dependencies)