Overused CPU on my discord bot

My CPU increases to %99 , and im scared that my project will be suspended. Even if no one uses any command ( my bot has small server like 30 ) it overloads it. Can i do anything to prevent this? Thank you :slight_smile:

Try running git prune;git gc.

Tried it 2 times. It just effects Disk.

This only works for Disk space, not CPU.

30 servers may be pushing it for Glitch. You may want to consider a VPS.

Also, it highly depends on how intensive your commands are. I was easily able to host a bot on Glitch with over 350+ servers.

Good point, but I donโ€™t know what OP is doing with the bot. Image creation, API use, and music are going to use up more CPU.

Itโ€™s possible , i have some commands that writes settings on .json files. It maybe pushes CPU more than others.

What does your bot do?

Itโ€™s a general bot , it has auto-role , join-messages , fun , moderation and levelling commands : )

maybe levelling system effects it but idk

That might be grinding quite a bit of CPU. Your bot could be running tons of sql/json insertions.

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True , i have 7-8 files for saving setting for guilds.