Overwriting images voodoo [CDN business?]

While remixing, I am uploading and overwriting some images, it was going on fine.

At some point one image was showing the previous image only, even though it isn’t in my assets folder anymore. When I uploaded one with a new file name - it would return a 404… After about a couple of hours it sorted out, but now it is back…
I deleted 3 files from my assets folder, but I can still call them and see them. Worse even - when I upload them again to the folder - the display in the editor does not match the image on the live site.

Am I just getting familiar with the kinks round here?

This seems like a Glitch bug. You can report a bug like this at support@glitch.com

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Any errors in the DevTools Console?

there are the 404 errors, but that’s it

@Glitch_Response ?

I just tried again, hours later with a different set of images, and the same happens.

@dirad, I’ll ping @glitch_support!

Hi @dirad, sorry to hear you’re having this issue. I haven’t encountered it before. To help me debug could you give me some example urls of images:

  • that 404
  • that you deleted but can still see
  • that display in the editor but do not match the image on the live site?

My theory is that it might be issues left over from whatever you remixed the project from. There is a file where all the assets associated with the project are managed. It’s .glitch-assets. I did a git log -p -- .glitch-assets and looks like I see some attempts to upload different versions of the same image.

You can also try remixing and resetting the assets entirely in the terminal with rm .glitch-assets. This will delete the file that associates assets with the project. Then you can try reuploading.

Hi @mmcewen
Thank for replying.
I dont want to reset all of the assets as of now, because I prefer understanding the issue. =]

So, for example, these links
they show the old images…

here’s the assets in the editor

I cant see that 404 anymore now…

*Later today we will use this link for a bunch of connections so I hope trying to access it now won’t bring it down due to the requests limit.

I noticed that you have the images stored on cdn.gomix.com instead of cdn.glitch.com. I don’t think that is causing anything but you should switch.