Overzealous / bleeding-edge package updater?

The new feature where you’re prompted to update to the latest versions of your packages is pretty brilliant. But maybe it should let you choose between bleeding edge and latest stable versions?

For example, it wanted to bump my Express version to 5-alpha1 or something like that. Since I’m still a bit nooby with Node I figured that would probably not be prudent to be too bleeding edge with my packages. Or maybe it’s fine? I’m just liable to be confused about where the fault lies if I run into bugginess.


Can I get an amen? I love the package updater, but I also think that upgrading to alpha packages is probably not in the best interests of HyperDev itself.


I gave you a like, I think that’s the closest to an Amen I can give in Discourse :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reports, we’ll look into making it a little less zealous :slight_smile:


Easy workaround: If HyperDev offers to update a package, first copy the current version number in packages.json. Then if it upgrades you to alpha-something, just paste back what you had before. Or go look up the latest stable version and switch to that.

workarounds no longer needed :rainbow:

The add package button now should only update to stable releases. It’ll also show you the current version and the new version before you update so you can get a sense of how scary the update may be.