Package.json - Add package

The add package i.e. quick package search used to show the versions if the update for a package was available, but since few days I find it missing.

It was an really amazing and helpful feature so I would lobe to see it back.
and it mean time would love to know why its removed.

It’s still there, not sure why you can’t see it. Does it happen in an incognito window too?

try remove some of the letter and write it back, it happened to me sometimes, probably the package you were looking for didn’t load up and you need to refresh it this way

Yeah happening over incognito windows too

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I was having a similar problem the other day. If you have problems with it just use the terminal and run npm install packagename --save

:man_facepalming:My problem is not that I am unable to install a package,
but instead I have installed a package directly from github#master branch so that when I use the option as in the package.json file it will reset back to older version,
so I want to see which version I currently have vs whats the version specified by glitch npm notifier.

@Tim Can you have a look at this topic.

Turns out we broke this a couple of weeks ago.

I just fixed it. It now works like it used to, plus it shows the version number for packages that you don’t have in your project.

When you initially load the editor and switch to package.json, it will look up the packages you’re currently using and see if there are newer versions. Clicking the “Add Package” dropdown will show the ones that are out of date until you start typing in the search field, and selecting them will update package.json to use the latest version.