Package not working in code


Whenever I add a package it doesn’t works works when I use it in code, how to fix this?

It just shows the error that can’t find “package name” even though I am using Add Pacakge button in the pacakge.json

It happens to all pacakges and in all projects, it automatically starts working after remixing though, but I don’t like this method. How can I fix this?


Sorry to hear that. If you can let us know the name of one of the projects you’re seeing this issue on, we’ll take a look into it for you.


@Gareth I have another report, if you try to install a package like this the version is undefined.


And now I want to say, that my projects are removing there pacakges automatically, it’s just can’t find anything inside package when required.

Please fix this, I cant get going with glitch like this, new modules not working, old ones removing themselves. Please.


As in my response above, you need to let us know the name of one of the projects you’re seeing this issue on so that we can take a look into it for you.

However, if you have a watch.json file I suggest temporarily renaming it or changing your throttle value while you’re making package.json changes so that the changes take effect. Also check you’re using correct module version numbers.


Sure, just check this test remix, it also has that bug


In your package.json change the version to 1.0.0 not 1.0, and change the discord.js version to ^11.3.0 and then run refresh from the console.


Thanks, it seems to fix some things but still when I add package I need to reload page, thanks though.


That’s likely due to the throttle value in your watch.json file, so changes aren’t applied right away.