Padlock - Secure your Glitch project easily

Project URL:

I made this thing called padlock in like 20 minutes, what do you think?

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90 wpm is my typing speed (sorry)

Lemme just say something.

Like Newton’s Third Law Of Coding, (N.T.L.O.C i dont know what even is that but) he says:

Don’t slap on the copyright tag like people do with the price tag

make it open-source

Especially if only 20 minutes have been used, some people could build a super like http thing.

You could make a forum on this ONE LINE OF CODE!!! (lol)

Anyways, you could have done a better job, but it’s a good point for a website for one line o’ code. (obviously since you did in 20 minutes)

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By spamming the buttons you can achieve this:

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@DerDer56 This is something I will use.

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What do you mean? :man_facepalming:t2:

There is an even simpler way to do this:


I thought what this did was make my Glitch project password protected :sweat_smile: although what it actually does is enforce HTTPS.


This already open source-

It’s open source.

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