"Page Not Found" for my bot page

So basically, my Discord bot is up and running just fine on Discord BUT when I click the ‘Show’ button, it always says “Page Not Found”. Now, this only happens with this particular bot. All of my other bots run alright.

and I’ve looked on my bots that don’t have issues, and their ‘Show’ pages say “OK”, while this bot (the one having issues) says “Page Not Found”… https://glitch.com/~fish-minute is the link to it.

Some code in your bot is sending the Page not found. I’d suggest you look around where the HTTP/express server routes are created.

According to his package.json, his server script file should be in src/index.js but it does not have any GET requests defined although Express is installed. Try creating an index.html and then add a GET request so that it points to the index.html. You can see how it works in the server.js file of https://glitch.com/edit/#!/hello-express?path=server.js:1:0