Page script no longer working

I made this page quite some time ago now, so I don’t really recall how I made the source code due to not leaving comments in it.

It was initially meant to serve as a calculator for changing RGB values to Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s HVB format used in their custom design maker.

It currently no longer does what it’s supposed to and I cannot figure out why.

You can find the project here: Acnhrgbtohvb

(Feel free to let me know if I’d made it unable to be remixed in the past and I can temporarily undo that setting upon request, and/or just send you the code necessary via DMs.)


the reason why the code wasn’t working was because of this error:

Uncaught TypeError: document.getElementById(...) is null

i think you used the wrong element IDs to get the color values!

// line 85-89
var hu = (document.getElementById("hue").value / 360) * 30;
var sa = (document.getElementById("sat").value / 100) * 15;
var va = (document.getElementById("val").value / 100) * 15;

solution 1?

elements with IDs hue, sat, and val do not exist. perhaps you meant r, g, and b?

var hu = (document.getElementById("r").value / 360) * 30;
var sa = (document.getElementById("g").value / 100) * 15;
var va = (document.getElementById("b").value / 100) * 15;


it looks like you’re trying to convert the input rgb into hsv/hsb, so why not use the conversion function you’ve already declared?

let r = document.getElementById("r").value;
let g = document.getElementById("g").value;
let b = document.getElementById("b").value;

let [h, s, v] = rgb2hsv(r, g, b);

document.getElementById("hu").innerHTML = h;
document.getElementById("sa").innerHTML = s;
document.getElementById("va").innerHTML = v;

the above code might be completely wrong for your intended purpose because i’m not aware of the conversion formula for RGB to animal crossing colors!