Passing Variables from IFTTT to Glitch

Is there a way to have IFTTT trigger a Glitch project and pass it one or more variables and if so how would I read those variables?

I’m currently remixing the project that allows for multiple IFTTT actions which uses POST to trigger but I want to customize my actions based on variables sent by IFTTT if possible.

This use-case has come up before, see Is it possible to access "text ingredients" from Google home request for details about using body-parser to access variables sent in the IFTTT webhook.

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Thanks. That was what I needed. I’m still fiddling with things but I can now have Google home disarm my Arlo cameras for a specified length of time before rearming them.

Which is helpful because I keep forgetting to turn them back on again if I switch them off because I’m messing around in the yard.

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And if anyone is curious about the end result, here it is:

Great, I’ll have to take a look - I have the exact same problem!