Password Safety Checker

Hello! :wave:

I just finished making a website that checks your password’s safety. It runs it through three processes without ever saving them:

  1. seeing how many times it has been used with HaveIBeenPwned
  2. checking if its a common password
  3. checking for any [English] words

It makes sure all of your passwords are up-to-date security-wise, without ever saving them. All processes are run with JavaScript, so no databases are used at all (other than to keep the files of course).

Is that all it does?

Nope! Since my website was created to criticize your password(s) I integrated a safe password generator. When the generation process is finished it tests to see if any [English] words are detected; whenever you use real words in a password it makes it so much easier for hackers to figure out what it is.

How do I know it’s not saving my passwords?

I’m completely OK with anyone viewing my website’s code as I do not own the HaveIBeenPwned website or common passwords list (owned by NPM) as long as you follow my license. You can view my website’s code either with the view-source method or by clicking here to view my Glitch project directly. The website uses JavaScript to temporarily save your password in a variable in order to check its safety. After the processes listed above are completed nothing else is done with your password. Again, you can view the website’s code if you feel unsafe with it.

OK, cool. How do I get my hands on it?

All code is free to use, just make sure you’re not breaking any guidelines by doing so (more on that in my license). Click here to open the website in a new tab or mess with it below!


The first two processes were made possible with HaveIBeenPwned and NPM’s “common passwords” list. I do not take credit for either of these, but the word checking process and safe password generator were both created by me.

Hope you guys enjoy it! :smile: