Pastedown: A markdown pastebin written in PHP


Pastedown is a very simple but easy to use Markdown Pastebin. Why did I make it?

  • Many Pastebins will show you a bunch of ads
  • will ask if you are a robot if you use their API. And they tell you to upgrade to PRO but they aren’t selling pro accounts
  • Many pastebins don’t have markdown support or syntax highlighting

So, Introducing: Pastedown!

It’s very simple. There are three buttons:

  • Editor/Preview: It shows which window you are looking at
  • Save: Save your work. It should redirect you to your link.
  • :crescent_moon:: Toggles Night mode.


Unlike many apps, you can’t just remix and go. Instead, you have to install some packages and create a database by running:

composer install && echo "{}" > database.json

This might take a while because composer will max out Glitch’s memory.

Abuse reports and contact:


Cool! But uhm… you gotta fix some display settings:
Paste-down..? more like display-is-down

I stopped the creation of new pastes and deleted old pastes because I have to add recaptcha.


Mhm, I’m working on that.

curl -X POST -F "paste=oof"[2-9999]

How to automate your requests lol

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oh geez…

That part is now fixed.

it isn’t.

Have you tried clearing your cache?

Pastedown is back up and running with ReCaptcha v3!

Yeah, but the text is still under the navbar, you have to press enter to see the text.

Can you take a screenshot?

Ok, i’ll work on it.


Occasionally I will wipe the database (because I have to save space) so please do not use this for long-term things and remix the project yourself.

Maybe wait till it is at 99.99999% or 100% I don’t know 90% so it takes a few weeks.

Public demos usually have a bunch of spam so I usually wipe the database. For example: this

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Patched lol

omg nothing is getting through

also Glitch, sorry for DoSing my site, i’m just doing some security testing


WhY iSn’T iT wOrKiNg
It’s pretty easy, just add a “<br>” after the navbar.

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I’m trying to fix this PHP script so DoS attacks don’t happen. I will work on that in a moment

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