Pasting in a second asset


I was making a webpage this morning and I needed some images. They were just screen shots, I was taking them with the Mac’s ⌘-Ctrl-Shift-F4 screenshot tool and then pasting them into the assets area. The first paste went off without a hitch and my image was there. After the second paste GASP, my first image was gone, but the second one was there. I would’ve expected both images to be there.

Help me glitch. You’re my only hope.

When you paste into the assets area from the clipboard, the pasted image is called image.png. If you upload another image with the same name into assets, then the current version of the image gets replaced with the newer one. This is what would have happened when you pasted the second screenshot in - it will have also been uploaded as a file called image.png, replacing the previous screenshot with the same name.