Pause live updates when errors exist in the code editor

in the javascript code editor, there’s a red flag that pops up next to critical errors that will crash most browsers.

it would be great to have an option in the site settings that causes the live update mechanism to first see if any of those flags are being displayed in the current document, and stop the live update until those errors have been delt with. i suppose a subtle “errors exists, live update paused” message could be displayed somewhere with a hyperlink to the first known error.

another way to put it could be that the live updates resume 5 seconds after the last keystroke in the javascript editor, assuming no errors exist.
this would not be so important for css or html files, but if you are ever debugging an app, and see a line of code to change, it’s pretty tedious right now as you either have to pause live updates, or close the debugger.

an editor that never pushes known buggy code to the server unless explicitly told to the person editing seems like a sensible 2019 approach to live in place code editing.