People please don’t tag @Glitch_Support

Hello everyone. I would like to point out that the account @Glitch_Response is not managed by the Glitch staff team but is just a random account - which I believe was created due to a Discourse email glitch.

If you would like to tag staff use @support_staff.

ok my rant or whatever is now over, have a good day

Please also see the marked answer by @tasha bellow.


Yep, and adding to that, for custom domain removals and extending disk space temporarily, it would be better to call @tasha!

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Thanks all!

To be clear, there are a few things that you need to ping support on, (by adding @glitch_support to your post), that other members of the community will not be able to help you with.

These are:

  1. Removing a custom domain from a project.
  2. Opening a project that has been suspended for using too much disk space.
  3. Changing the email on your glitch account.
  4. Deleting your glitch account.

Our team is working on adding more user capabilities, so this list may change in the future. In addition, we are looking at ways to improve the overall support/forum experience so that users get the help they need quickly and consistently. Our goal is to make sure nothing is falls through the cracks!

In the meantime, a huge thanks to all of you who participate in this forum! It is very rad to see how helpful and welcoming our community can be. Happy Glitching!


Isn’t that considered staff impersonation? @Glitch_Response

@tech_dude1 it’s a staff account that was used in the past for testing.

Oh. Thank you for letting me know.