Persist layout changes

I work entirely on a small laptop, so always drag the sidebar to be as narrow as possible while still able to read most of the filename.

But with any reload of the page, Glitch sets it back to its original location.

I feel like when you pick up the toy a baby dropped and the baby just throws it right back down on the ground again… looks at you… and starts laughing at you.

Not happening for me; have you enabled cookies/local storage/etc.?
And what OS and browser + version do you use?

Yes, everything is enabled. I’m using Firefox on Mac OS X.

To make sure we’re talking about the same thing, here’s a gif showing what I’m talking about:

Argh, sorry, misunderstood your feedback!

Well, then you can write UserScript, that will set the drawer’s width to be equal some value, stored in localStorage and use any framework, that provides you executing scripts on external page (e.g. Tampermonkey):

const width = localStorage.get('drawerWidth') || 400
$(drawer).style(`width: ${width}px`)

Can’t remember exactly how to use .style() in jq, but I think you can find this information yourself

Thanks @jarvis394!

This is a change I’m hoping Glitch will incorporate, so users don’t have to run scripts like this.

hiii @autonome, i’ve just passed this request onto our dev tools team - we definitely don’t want to keep throwing toys on the floor at your expense!!

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