Persistent logs

At the moment, I can’t just leave the editor tab and expect to see all log history after a few hours, because usually when I return to the tab after enough time, machine reboots and I get an empty log.

Easiest (for the user) would be if you could store some backlog in a nosql db and show latest entries to the user “as if nothing happened” even across reboots (or whatever makes log entries disappear).

Alternative: a hook to post to a user-supplied url with json of the log message.

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Thanks for the suggestion @thedod, can you give us the context as to what you’re using the persistent logs for? The logging was created more with the use-case of active development in mind, so I’d be keen to understand what you want to use them for. Thanks!

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I have 3 different multi-user game apps where I log “username joined/left”.
I don’t need crunching ability (e.g. json) or reliability (just to get my hand on the pulse of activity manually), but I could think of apps that could use that too.

ah ok. If it’s more for analytics, then something like might be a good option.

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