Persistent Unknown Server Error

Can’t access my “projects” because of this unknown/unexpected error.

Previous posts, either miraculously fixed itself or was a firewall issue, but used different connections and still got the same error.

I looked into previous reports and there was allegedly a time the project was suspended for suspected phishing, and then lifted, not sure if this affects it?


Hi @beejonline, welcome to the Glitch forum!

This error message often indicates a problem between your browser and the Glitch servers. I’m a little unclear; are you still running into the issue?

Yep, for weeks now. (Probably since the phishing “suspension”)

I tried both Chrome and MS Edge, and got the same for both.
I tried using a different ISP, so IP change, and yep, still the same.

PS. Thanks for the welcome

Just wondering, but do you have any other networking gear (that could affect this) that could affect your connection? E.G: Network Firewalls, etc. If your still using the same Modem/Router/Switch (in the UK it’s all one box) that could be the issue.

Hey @beejonline can you provide your project name in case there’s something project-specific we can look at?

Following along with what @xXProGamerXx mentioned, do you see the same problem if you access the project from a mobile device using mobile data, like a phone? If your device isn’t connected to the same network as the browser that’s running into the problem, and you can access the project from your mobile network, then that points to problems with whatever network your problematic browser is attached to

Actually I tried that before… by using data (4G/LTE) to rule out networking issues.
In any case, just to be sure and to be completely diligent, I flushed the modem on the connection and then it worked.
Not sure how that worked out… but at least it worked already.
Thanks guys.

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