Personal '~/.bashrc' script


I’ve noticed that the ‘/etc/bash.bashrc’ file seems to be read-only. Not sure if we have access to the super user (root) account or not.

Would it be possible for you to invoke any ‘~/.bashrc’ scripts (if found) from the ‘/etc/bash.bashrc’ file?

I’d like to add my favorite aliases and various configs in there.




No, you don’t have root access in the container. We’ll look into doing that. It depends on whether the console tool we’re using supports it.


It looks like you can already do that. The console we’re using should just pick it up. /app should be your home directory. Let me know if you have any problems.



Thanks for looking into it. But unfortunately it’s not working for me. Unless there is something I’m missing. Here is what I’ve done.

  1. In my home directory (~/), which I’ve confirmed that it is ./app as you mentioned.
  2. I’ve created a ‘.bashrc’ file (and even made it executable just in case (with: chmod +x ~/.bashrc)
  3. Opened it and wrote the following lines:

alias ll=‘ls -la’

But each time that I open up the Terminal, my ‘ll’ alias does not work. So something is not working with it.

Am I missing something?




I tested this out this morning and it should work fine using .bash_profile in /app instead of .bashrc. Set it +x as you did and each remixed project that contains it should be good to go. In that initial project it’s fastest to just source .bash_profile once you’ve created it if you want to start using it immediately.



Ok, I’ve just renamed my ~/.bashrc to the recommended ~/.bash_profile and it does work now.

And yes, until now I was manually sourcing (with . ~/.bashrc) but that got annoying to manually do it each time.

Thanks for the help.