Phishing on glitch [AVG blocking assets]

When you go to the glitch control panel, the antivirus is triggered. This was not the case before. It started today.
Today, the first time I entered the site, my internet connection was interrupted. After restarting the computer and visiting the site, a message from the anti-virus about phishing appeared.

Message from antivirus: Safely interrupted connection to due to infection of URL: Phishing


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Even when I refresh this page, a message from the antivirus appears, as the message contains a link to that page

Interesting. I don’t work for Glitch but, are you on a PC? I’m on mac and though I haven’t seen the same antivirus thing you got, I did have some maybe-malware show up as Chrome notifications the other day. It looked like an antivirus ad. Now I’m wondering if it came through Glitch.

I also had to download a Chrome extension to watch a webinar a few days ago (unrelated to this entirely) so I initially thought that extension was the problem. But I uninstalled it, and today I got a few strange notifications again. I’ve since updated Chrome and cleared my history.

Edit: I also just reset Chrome which is supposed to get rid of any malware; hopefully that works.

Hi there - I’ve reached out to AVG to see how we can get this domain allowed without issue again!

Hello again, we reached out to AVG and they said the following: “The detection by AVG was incorrect and was removed in a recent AVG update, please wait at least 24 hours.”

If you still have this issue in 24 hours, please email and I’ll reach out to them again.


Yes. Thanks. I am not receiving this message from the antivirus now