.php Code Error

Hello! I just started learning PHP, and on my website I created a /test.php file with the following code inside of it. But then I got the error Special characters must be escaped : [ < ]. and Special characters must be escaped : [ > ]. I’m assuming this is an error with Glitch because I double-checked to make sure there wasn’t a typo in the code.

<? php
  echo "Hi there!";  

Is it possible to fix, and if so, how do I?

Unfortunately, Glitch doesn’t support PHP right now. The only language that they officially support is JavaScript , although Python and Ruby can also be used.

But if you’re just trying things out, you might want to play around with these experimental PHP projects: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/lamp-poc or https://glitch.com/edit/#!/php-poc

Ah, OK. Thanks @j-f. Will PHP ever be supported on Glitch @Gareth?

We have a small team, so it’s just Node.js for now. But we hope to add others in the future.

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