PHP Contact Form

I am creating a contact form in a Glitch Hello Website with PHP but it does not work can someone help me out?

Click here for instructions I found off the internet

Glitch :・゚✧ < That is a link to a php server, try remixing it, and you should get your own php server!

Hello! I have tried multiple websites before but on my hello website it never works. I tried to use a node-express but again, I don’t know JSON or NODE.JS
Is there anyway to use PHP on a Hello website?

Also, I don’t know why but if I remix that PHP project, the file never opens. It shows Starting, Preparing for looooooooooooooooong time but never opens…

I think that is seperate issue, but I used to encounter it too and I have to wait 20-30 minutes and later it works

Okay, Thanks a lot!

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if you want to make a php application/site then add the following to a glitch.json file:

  "install": "echo 'We Are Ready!'",
  "start": "php -S -t ."

this will allow a php application to run, although there will be no prettify button as this language was never built in with glitch.