PHP Error + folders/coding errors

Hi, I have some problems from my website.
First, for PHP support I saw that I could rename my index.html to index.phtml to use html and php. But if I do that my website won’t work, I mean, it will say that he can’t find index.phtml and it download me the website (I also modified the server.js, package.json, and other files to connect to index.phtml but no success…).
And Second, I have also problems with the folders. I do like ./page/index.phtml or /page/index.phtml or even page/index.phtml and I have errors that it cannot be found. I also tried to not use folders but it’s the same thing, please help.

glitch by deafult uses express and node.js, so you will need to change stuff to get php working. I personally have never used php so I’m not sure how to do so, but look around on google or search the forms and see if you can find anything.
edit: try this out

Hey @karlelpro, can you help us out by providing your project name so we can take a closer look? It sounds like you have a package.json file in your project, which will make the project run as a Node project, not a PHP one, and there may be other things that might be important - the projects that @WilsontheWolf linked to are good places to start.

My project name is bloggergen

Hey @karlelpro, to use PHP on Glitch as close to “out of the box” as possible, you need to have started from a project that has the correct PHP and Apache configuration in place, or Glitch won’t have the binaries available that it needs to run your project (mostly the Apache pieces). shows a few projects that you could start by Remixing, and then adding your php code to the new project - is a simple starting place for instance.

If you try starting over again with one of those projects and then add your own code you might have better luck!